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Lazy, good-for-nothing bloggers

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As I take my regular twice-daily cruise through the newest posts on the 10-12 blogs I subscribe to (a process which I allow to take up to a maximum of ten minutes), it often occurs to me to wonder how some people manage to update their blogs six, eight, ten or more times each day, yet still get anything useful done. It’s surely only a matter of time until we get a dire CNET article about all the lost productivity. I seem to recall seeing on el Reg that some poor bastard lost his job in connection with his frenzied blogging.

I know we’re all obsessed with the egocentric notion that everyone on the planet has a deep-seated need to know the tedious intricacies of our pathetic lives, but come on now. Eight new posts in a single day? There are far better things to do, though I appreciate that some of those folk might have to take my word for it.