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Leaving the Store

tech & briefly 1 min read

When I wrote about releasing software outside the Mac App Store four years ago, I listed several negative aspects of distributing apps via a proprietary storefront, but another has since come to light: comparative neglect by Apple. It’s still as expensive, risky, customer-hostile, and frustrating as ever, with the same challenges regarding upgrades, support, marketing, and responsiveness.

Christian Tietze wrote an ebook on how to do it yourself instead, with code samples and tests, that’s worth your attention (I’ve read it, and it’s inspired in part by my own piece). Apple’s model certainly makes money for the company, but it’s too often at the expense of small businesses and even long-term customer satisfaction. I keep waiting for the App Stores to mature, but I don’t think there’s any motivation for that – and the focus of change will understandably remain on iOS for the foreseeable future.

It’s a real shame, particularly since the Mac is probably the only Apple platform that still offers indie devs a shot at a sustainable business in non-disposable software.