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Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass Friend Code

friend codes & gaming 1 min read

Here it is: 4596 7531 2252 (MLegendG). Feel free to post yours here too. *

I’ve only played 3 rounds of Battle mode so far (thank you, “Marc” from Somewhere in Euroland), but I’m loving Adventure mode. Drawing a path for the boomerang to follow = awesome.

* Here are the new rules of the house for posting your friend codes, based on what's happened the last few times I've done this. It's all common sense, but if you're kind of new to the internet or are younger than 16 or so (as many of you seem to be, based on previous Friend Code postings I've done, and the emails I've subsequently received), you might want to read it.
  1. Please post your code only once, and please don't post follow-up comments asking people to add you.
  2. Please don't post follow-up comments saying you've added others in the list. I know that you want to tell them so they can add you in return, but this isn't really the right place for that (see the note after this list if you want to arrange matches and stay in touch with other players). If you just want to tell me that you've added me, you can email or IM me (details here).
  3. Please don't post your email address! A lot of younger people seem to want to do this so that they can be informed when someone adds them. I sympathise with that, but posting your email address publicly will only result in you getting a lot of junk mail, trust me. I'm not going to stop you from doing it, but please think about it first.
If that all seems too restrictive, maybe a dedicated Phantom Hourglass forum would better suit you? There's one at Neoseeker which has a whole section for posting your Friend Codes, arranging matches and so on. :)