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Leopard upgrade rate

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Calling all fellow Cocoa developers…

As we know, Leopard will seemingly be released next month (I’ve heard that it’ll be towards the end of the month). Some of us are of course already developing on Leopard via the seed program, and presumably enjoying the new APIs and functionality available to us as developers.

I have a product currently in development which won’t be ready in time for the Leopard launch, but should be ready for 1.0 this year. Development up to now has been somewhat OS-version-agnostic, but I’m approaching a point where I could make significant savings in code, time and hassle by making the project Leopard-only. Thus we have the classic question which comes up during development immediately before a full-point OS upgrade.

My impression has always been that the upgrade rate for OS X point-releases is very high, but I’d be interested in getting both your feedback and also any numbers you may have. I’m already aware of the Omni Software Update stats, which are currently showing 99.5% Tiger (the rest is Panther), relatively constantly since July ‘06. Tiger was released in April 2005, so those numbers don’t give me a picture of the immediately-post-release window.

If I had to guess, I’d say there’s probably an average 75%+ full-point upgrade rate within 6 months of the release, but I’d love to hear from those who may have hard data. Also, anecdotes and experiences regarding going “new version only” soon after launch would be much appreciated. If you’d rather contact me privately instead of posting a comment here, my email/IM details are on the About page.