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Less than 12 hours to go...

gaming 1 min read

It’s 9:45pm. I’ll be in at Game just before 9am tomorrow, all things being well. That means that there are now less than 12 hours to go. Thoughts flash through my mind:

  • What if they DON'T HAVE ANY STOCK?

  • What if there's a freak accident whilst I travel in?

  • Did Mario and Princess Peach ever get it together, or what?

It’ll all be fine. This time tomorrow, I’ll be well into the game (and probably desperately in need of food, rest and bladder relief). Ah those heady days of playing Ocarina of Time, where I’d finally switch off the N64 at about 3am, having played solidly since 7am the previous morning. As I walked from the bathroom to the bedroom, I’d swear I could see the Z-targeting reticule floating in front of me. Pure, blissful gaming psychosis. Here we go again! :D