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Life on Earth

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A sombre, late-night reflection on our proud species.
The state of the world at the moment is this:
  • The vast majority of us are poor, unhealthy, and uneducated.
  • Those of us in the "developed world" are decadent and useless; merely programmed consumers, existing day by day.
  • Our governments have long since wrested all power from the grasp of the people who appointed them. Elections are a sham, and democracy is a ghost which never really lived.
  • The governments of the dominant powers in the world are universally held as the least trustworthy, most dangerously jingoistic, manipulative, fascist regimes in existence. The hideousness of their couching of slaughter and oppression as liberation and freedom will be shuddered at down through all future history.
  • The predominant emotion on Earth is fear; a state of affairs which is actively encouraged by said governments.
  • The truth of any event has become almost impossible to determine. The media is universally corrupt, dishing filth and vitriol on command, distorting perceptions and oppressing the minds of the masses. Impartiality goes unheard.
  • The core truths and wisdom of the universe have been taken from the common man, and are greedily kept under wraps by the elite few in power. What little truth remains commonly known is masked in the obfuscation of ridiculous organised religions, designed to further constrain free will and happiness. Rarely will you find a more sorry sight than the whipped dog that is the beseeching Christian, living in an agony of constant, unavoidable sin.
  • Very few remain who can change this state of affairs, or who even know how.
  • The future from this point, without drastic intervention on a global scale, can only bring increased oppression, further erosion of civil liberties, and increasingly destructive war.
  • Our planet can barely cope with the demands we place on it, and the abuse we subject it to. Before long, inevitably, nature must intervene and cull the human virus before all life on Earth is affected.
  • The legacy of humanity is war, stupidity, lies, capitalism, despair, usury, explosives, perversion, suicide, genocide... the list goes endlessly on.
We have millennia of social and moral evolution to undergo before we could earn any place in the greater universe, yet 
technologically we'll take that place far sooner. I can't be proud of us. We're small, pitiful creatures, supremely 
cursed in our ability to realise it.

Anyone who would come and visit us in our insignificant corner of the galaxy, beware the Trojan horse of our welcome.