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Losing Trust

tech & briefly 1 min read

Adobe has fixed the file-deletion bug in a recent Creative Cloud Mac update, but the issue is that it happened at all.

Creative Cloud pushes the user to enable auto-updating, and many people opt-in for the sake of convenience. It’s a fine idea, and ordinarily it should increase security and stability too, but more importantly it’s a gesture of trust. When that trust is violated, the damage done to the vendor’s image and their relationship with the customer is severe. Adobe has a long history of Byzantine installations and concomitant problems, and this one takes the cake – especially from a large company which readily has the resources for extensive QA, and a great deal to lose.

Ideally, your apps shouldn’t need “installation” at all beyond the app bundle itself, but they do need to be updated. Installer/updater engineering and testing is a critical opportunity to maintain trust. It’s time to demand better from the complacent old guard.

Henceforth, I’m an Affinity user (Photo and Designer, which share a file format).