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Making Mistakes Impossible

conference, development, interface, speaking & user experience 1 min read

As I’ve mentioned before, I was an invited speaker at NSConference 2010 in both the UK and USA. I held a workshop and also gave a one-hour talk on designing your software’s functionality and user experience to make many types of user mistakes impossible.

Collage of photos of Matt speaking at events

Photos from NSConference 2010 (Atlanta) are copyright Chuck Toporek, all rights reserved. Used with permission.

The material seemed to be very well received, and the session video is now available via MDN for $14.99 (conference attendees will get the video for free, of course; please also note that the proceeds go towards supporting MDN and future conferences for us all to enjoy, not into my pocket).

Oh, and fair warning: as the MDN site mentions, the video contains adult language (i.e. I say the f-word a number of times, and such). Please be aware of that before and after purchasing. It’s in the context of emphasis and conveying frustrations, and if you follow me on Twitter I daresay you won’t find that too surprising.

If you have any feedback on the video and/or session, I’m always eager to hear it.