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Many updates

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Another grab-bag post of miscellaneous stuff that I’ve been too lazy to write separate posts for.

First up, I start a temporary month-long job tomorrow at an advertising/PR firm here in Glasgow. I’m doing some web work for them, with plenty of PHP, MySQL, possibly some Java and lots of XML goodness. Should be fun, and I’ll be working beside our very own Iain Simpson (who was also out at the QM on Friday night, coincidentally).

Next up, Lauren and I went to see the latest Harry Potter flick last night. I was actually really impressed. I found the story more coherent and interesting than the last one, and since I’ve only read up to about 40% of the way through book 4, some of the events were new to me. I particularly liked Ralph Fiennes as Voldemort, though I confess to always having thought the role was just made for Richard E. Grant.

Two techy things now. First, I’ve changed the permalink structure on the site slightly, to remove “/archives/” from the URLs. Seemed utterly redundant given the year/month/day structure is already in there. All old links will still work, of course. Second, I read with interest Robert’s latest article at O’Reilly’s MacDevCenter. I didn’t actually know about textutil until I read it; be sure to have a read.

Lastly, Rainer tells me that the next issue (#128) of Macmania magazine (available in Brazil and apparently now in Portugal too) is at the printers, with my “I Heart Microsoft” article as the “Ombudsmac” opinion-piece. Many thanks to Rainer for being the vehicle for all this, including doing the actual translation (and, ahem, sanitisation) of the article.

More as it happens, or as I remember. Stay Classy.