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Mario Kart Wii Friend Code

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In their mysterious wisdom, Nintendo have elected not to release Super Smash Bros Brawl for the Wii in the UK until June 1st, even though it was released in the US on March 9th. However, while the US has to wait until April 27th for Mario Kart Wii, the UK got it yesterday (April 11th). Lauren and I picked up a copy today (using the deal in Game stores where you get the Mario Kart + Nintendo Wheel pack, plus a third-party Game-branded wheel all for £40).

My Mario Kart Wii Friend Code is 1590-4853-7385 (Matt, UK), so feel free to add me and post your own MK Friend Code in the comments here. Only two rules, if I may:

  • Say a little bit about yourself. I like to know something about those I'm adding to my Friend Roster. Waivers willingly offered to those I clearly already know, or talk to on Twitter fifty times a day. ;)
  • No "I added all you guys above, please add me!" posts, please - this isn't intended to be a forum.

Hopefully I’ll see you on Luigi Circuit… and beyond. I’ll be the one biting his wheel-controller and unsportingly calling you a CHEAT-HOLE.