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Mario yet again

gaming 1 min read

Well, I’ve defeated the final boss (Bowser, of course), and seen the basic end sequence. Since I’ve defeated the final boss, Delfino Plaza is bright again, and everyone is happy (well, except Toadsworth and the Toads, obviously), and I can put on the shine shirt when I get the sunglasses. :)

I’ve also collected all 240 blue coins in the game (including all those in Noki Bay - grr!), got all the “100 coins” shines (today I got the last three; Noki Bay, Pianta Village, and Gelato Beach), finished all 8 stories in Noki Bay, and got the second shine at the airstrip (which is now accessible once again). I also did the outrageously difficult “pinball” shine under the bridge in Delfino Plaza. What a bastard that was! >:(

So, I now have 108 shines - only 12 to go! Just to do Ricco Harbour story 8 (Yoshi’s Fruit Adventure), the shipwreck island pipe secret in Delfino Plaza, and 10 assorted secrets from the 7 main stages (almost all of which are red coin challenge versions of the regular secrets in those stages).

These last 12 shines will be very difficult indeed to get; I foresee much frustration and cursing ahead! After that ordeal, I can defeat the final boss again and see the full “proper” ending. Then, I can relax and enjoy messing around on Isle Delfino! ;)

Brilliant game, needless to say. Teeth-gnashingly hard at times, but brilliant nonetheless. Definitely recommended, as if you didn’t know. :)