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The Matrix Reloaded

general 2 min read

We finally went to see The Matrix Reloaded tonight. Then we came home, three hours later.
I was really looking forward to seeing this, having seen The Matrix quite a few times and 
having spent the obligatory long afternoons debating the philosophical issues raised therein. 
The cinema was very quiet (it was a 10pm showing on a Sunday night, so that's understandable). 
I was concerned at the fact that it was a sequel (oh yes it was), it was hyped all the way to 
the moon and back, and it had had boat-loads of money thrown at it. All these things tend to 
be bad omens, but I was determined to try to enjoy it. Things, however, didn't get off to a good 

I was first slightly perturbed that we couldn't get our usual student discount, due to "contractual 
obligations". This is the first time I've ever known this to happen. Not a big deal, but sets a 
slightly negative tone. Then we went in and were subjected to the usual 30 minutes of advertising, 
until finally the "main feature" sequence ran, and we expected the usual BBFC (British Board of Film Classification) 
card. It didn't arrive. Instead, recorded onto the main reel itself, we saw yet another trailer, 
for some "Last Samurai" fluff. Then we got a FACT warning (FACT is the UK Federation Against Copyright Theft)! 
That was distasteful enough, but then we actually were shown a warning that video cameras etc were not 
to be used during the film, and that we should <em>report anyone who was arousing suspicion in that regard</em>. 

In any case, the film started. And went on a bit. And some more, and yet more. When we were at last wondering if 
it would ever end, it did, suddenly - indicating that it was To Be Concluded. Having dutifully sat through the 
whole thing, the following memories and thoughts stay with me:
  • The 'rave in the cave'/sex sequence was too long.
  • As was the freeway sequence.
  • As was the fighting-lots-of-Agent-Smiths sequence.
  • As were the Merovingian sequences.
  • And others too.
  • If that guy was "possessed" by an Agent and thus the Agent used him in the real world to sabotage Zion's defenses... why didn't the Agents think of doing that earlier?
  • The vast bulk of the characters had very little screen-time each.
  • Fiona indicated she'd like to try that vaginal-explosion cake.
  • Fishburne has really put on weight since the first film.
  • Morpheus' speech in the cave was so corny it made my teeth hurt. My TEETH.
  • So, is the real world just another level of the Matrix? Or just the "real world" which our heroes think they're back in after the climactic sequences?
  • Is Neo actually a program, like the Oracle? Or part-program?
  • Does anyone care anymore?
In the end, the whole thing came across as being hugely self-important 
and ultimately uninteresting. Overblown CG pop-philosophy in "bullet-time". Tripe.