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Matt Project

university 1 min read

As mentioned earlier, today is project hand-in day for Lauren, me, and all the rest of the 3rd and 4th year Computing Science honours students here at the university.

We worked all day yesterday until just after 5 pm, then came back in at 7:15 pm. We finally left the lab this morning at 4 am, then were back in by 10:45 am. I’m just back from finally submitting my report and code, and I’m feeling both a huge sense of relief and also a sudden awareness of how exhausted I am.

So much so that, when I was filling in the plagiarism declaration and ethical guidelines checklist forms earlier, I wrote my name as Matt Project.

Once Lauren’s team have submitted, it’s time for a few drinks (maybe with a quick lunch first), then hopefully back to the flat for a nap before dinner. This evening, the carnage of the final CompSoc event of the year shall commence, at 6 pm in Cafe West. It’ll be an interesting evening.