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A good friend of mine and I were talking a few days ago about, amongst other things, 
resolutions for the new year. I always spend quite a bit of time thinking about my 
resolutions each year (as evidenced by the fact that I've not yet come up with a final 
list for 2004). Particularly, I tend to fret over aspects of my character that could do 
with improvement.

During the course of the conversation, my friend offered to let me see a list she'd written 
of the things she likes about me (along with a few of the things she doesn't), which I've 
reproduced below with her permission.

Good stuff

self confidence

self assuredness (kinda the same thing)

desire to help everyone

caring for everyone (kinda the same thing, again)


twinkly eyes (I think you can tell so much by someone's eyes)

ability to laugh at things

sense of humour

desire to stay young

desire to stay excited at life

desire to make everyone else excited by life and to feel worthwhile

absolute belief in the important things: yourself, your standards, your friends


slight cockiness

rough and ready beardy look

ability to (usually) see things in perspective

not-really-casual-but-not-really-smart dress sense

play the piano

enthusiasm for things that are important to you (friends, music, cars, women, computers)

because you're honest

because you're trustworthy

your use of language

your intelligence

your awareness of others

because I'm not embarrassed to be "blonde" near you

because of your appreciation of life and each "average" day

because of the understanding we share

because I feel so comfortable with you  

Bad stuff

SOCKS!!!!! pull them up!!! literally, not figuratively

not spending enough time bigging yourself up. you are WAY too tough on yourself

you spend a disproportionate time fretting over others, sometimes. sometimes it's good to be selfish. sometimes no matter how much you worry about something there's nothing you can do

getting irate about things that are outwith your control


Needless to say, very flattered thanks to the author of the list, and particularly for her 
permission to put it on the web. Incidentally, Fi says she agrees with the list.

A possible new year's resolution for me might be to become less of an ego-maniac, but 
certainly not to get some new friends. :)