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I archive my site periodically, and about once a year I take a look through my various old sites. 
I have archives going way back to the awful days of using PageMill (yay!) to whip up god-awful little 
pages, in truly cheesy circa-1993 style. Ah the bliss! :)

Anyway, in one of this site's previous incarnations, the <a href="">product reviews page</a> 
had an additional section: reviews of me! I'm including the original content here for posterity (and intolerable smugness).

Reviews of Matt Gemmell

"This is the sort of man a girl would search the earth to find."
- A female colleague from Adobe "I am smitten with this chap."
- A female colleague from Adobe "For those of you who are interested, here is my description of Matt after spending a few days in his constant company: Gracious, witty, eloquent, poised, smart, soft-spoken, affable. Cute butt."
- A female colleague from Adobe
Yes, they're all genuine, quoted in context, and unsolicited. It's the Scottish factor, you see. I was also 
told on any number of occasions that I have "Scottish eyes", whatever that may mean.


Now, after this piece of sickening self-indulgence, I realise it's only fair to allow you all the 
opportunity to take me down a peg or two. I thus graciously invite further 'reviews' (positive or 
otherwise, but please, nothing overly vicious) via the comments. Be gentle! ;)