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Mattman Returns

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Finally, this thing is looking a lot better, and bears more than a passing similarity to Irate Scotsman. CSS seems fine, pages are validating as XHTML 1.0 Strict, and I’m generally happy with how WordPress is working out for me so far. Page load times are also leaving Thistle’s filesystem-dependent model in the dust. I’m unsure as to what to do with Irate Scotsman now that I’m set up here. I’ll certainly want the old posts to remain available; just not sure I’ll attempt an import for at least a while yet. For the moment, is frozen, so feel free to browse the old stuff, grab the source code and software, and so on. It’ll likely remain that way for a while yet.

I’ve got a post or two in the works (mentally at least) about changes in my life situation lately, and significant goings-on in the past few weeks, which I guess I’ll get to in the next few days, time-permitting. For now, it’s time to get some sleep.

One final thing, regarding the title of this post and the previous one; I was talking to Gary on MSN earlier, and I wondered if I could possibly keep up a trend of making my post titles be as overblown, movie-like, and generally ridiculous as possible. I suppose we shall see.

Till next time, feel the love, baby.