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Many celebrations.

First up, a respectful nod and a raise of my glass to Phillo, who would have been 56 on Saturday. We played some Lizzy in the flat to celebrate his life and work. We all miss you man.

More importantly, though, Lauren and I have been together for 10 months now (hence the title of this post; nods to Derek). We had some wine and (home-made) Chinese food in the flat last night to celebrate, and then watched The Wedding Date.

My mother visited us at the weekend to help move some of my stuff (her estate Astra holds considerably more than my 206), so I’m pretty much fully settled in now. We’re still keen to rearrange things a bit, and make Lauren’s room into a study and the other room in a master bedroom, and hopefully we can get started on that soon. We already have pretty much everything except a proper double bed. No doubt a trip to Ikea is in our future, which could mean the fun of hiring a van from Arnold Clark or such and utterly destroying the suspension by going over speed-bumps at 60 or so when it’s fully loaded.

We’re both still incredibly happy, and moving in together has definitely been the right choice. We both enjoy getting out to our separate workplaces during the day and having a bit more space than we did during term-time, but we also look forward to seeing each other when we both get home, and we make the most of our evenings and weekends. It’s all working out pretty much perfectly for both of us. I always want to be with this girl, and she feels the same way about me.

So that’s all great. I’m off to grab some lunch and then tinker with Cocoa a bit. The big issue is deciding what to work on first. Pie Menus are obviously going to be receiving some attention, but what else? Working on Memoir would require first finishing off a number of classes, including iCalendar. I also really want to do some work again on NeXT Dock, because I still run it here sometimes and I think it would be fun to finally finish it. Even the venerable iCal Birthday Shifter is apparently still used by some of you, and needs an update for Tiger.

If anyone has any thoughts on what they’d like to see first, feel free to post a comment. Until next time, do beware the Anti-Pilferage Device.