Matt Gemmell

Mental Health Day

personal & briefly 1 min read

It’s World Mental Health Day today (10th October), and I usually say something about it — typically in a tweet. This time, I’m allowing myself some extra words.

I’ve suffered from clinical depression. I’ve also had recurrent issues with anxiety. I’ve had antidepressants, and counselling, and even brain imaging. Most of it was a very long time ago.

It’s important to acknowledge when you’re having problems; that’s the first step. It’s important to talk about it, and I know that’s a scary prospect. It’s important to seek help — and help is available.

It’s also important not to be a hypocrite.

So: I’m having problems. It’s a different world than it was a couple of years ago, and I’m backsliding. I’m going to get some help.

If you’re having trouble too, you should do the same.