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Merry Christmas

gaming & personal 1 min read

It’s that day again; Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you’ve had a good day so far. Having had an early dinner (beginning at 3 pm) with my mother, her boyfriend, my grandmother and my brother, my Christmas Day is already essentially done all but the remaining few hours of the evening.

Lauren and I exchanged a gift each before she left for Dumfries; she got me Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, which I previously refrained from buying so I could spend more time with her. Needless to say, it’s damn ace, and I’ve played it a fair bit already. We texted each other last night within the first 20 seconds after midnight, with her message being:

Merry christmas babe. I love you. Hope I get to spend next christmas with you.

And mine:

Merry Christmas babe! I love you. Wish I could be with you right now.

Damn ace.

This evening I’ve been mostly playing videogames with my brother, who’s visiting from Edinburgh for Christmas. Whilst playing 2-player Star Wars Rogue Squadron III: Rebel Strike, he remarked:

You take this pretty seriously, don't you? You really think you're saving the universe.

If only he knew. We also listened to 6 versions of Sultans of Swing plus some assorted Thin Lizzy classics, and enthused about both Lizzy and Dire Straits as usual. All in all, a pretty good Christmas. Tomorrow night I’ll drive over to visit my father and his wife for dinner, then Christmas is all done for another year.

All done, that is, except for some presents Lauren and I have still to exchange when I go down to visit her sometime next week…