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Metroid Prime Hunters RSI

friend codes & gaming 1 min read

First up, my Metroid Prime Hunters Friend Code: 107 444 069 536. Get in touch (details here) to arrange a time. Oh and thanks, Nintendo. Like being a software developer doesn’t endanger my carpal tunnel enough.

Next, just a brief note that I can very highly recommend the DS Lite Airform carry case. Fits the Lite perfectly (it won’t fit a regular DS though; get the regular Airform case for that - I just bought Lauren a pink one on eBay), and is pretty well padded. There’s also room for 3+ extra game cards in there. Also, the Dragon USB charger cable works like you’d expect - it charges and powers the DS Lite from a USB port. Enough said. For a total of a tenner, both were good purchases.

And now to my main topic: Animal Crossing. Ye gods it’s addictive. Since I got the DS Lite and gave Lauren my regular DS, she’s been playing her copy non-stop. CuteTown and its residents are doing just fine (including Benedict, refugee from my own Aceville), and we’re probably averaging several hours per day of play, including wifi link-up visits. I don’t think Lauren has ever owned a handheld videogame system (or at least not in years), and yet she’s taken immediately to the DS and Animal Crossing. Truth be told, she’s got more into the spirit of it than I have, customising her flag and town tune etc. It’s stunning how engaging his game can be. Get it if you haven’t already (or wait and get it with a DS Lite in a month or two).

I wanted to write a bit more about this, but it’s after 8:30 pm on Saturday evening and I need to go and grab a new tune from K.K. Slider. I guess that says it all really.

Update: Lauren has finally caved in and blogged about her new obsession.