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Metroid Prime

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Finished Metroid Prime (for the first time) tonight. 100% items and 100% Log Book, so I got the 
"best" ending. A few miscellaneous thoughts, as usual. Contains spoilers.
  • Samus looks like an entirely different female with her helmet off, as compared to the eyes you see through the visor all the time.
  • So, does this mean that in Metroid Prime 2, you'll get to fight an Evil Phazon Samus? Blimey, that sounds quite nasty. I still have unpleasant memories of Dark Link in the Water Temple.
  • Metroid Prime (the creature) was much smaller than I'd have expected. So was the Impact Crater area itself, actually.
  • Why bother with the Lumigeks, for the sake of one tiny room in the whole game? Just use Tallon Crabs again.
  • Just before going to return the Chozo Artifacts, I found that I had missed a creature in my Log Book (obviously, I would always have 4 empty slots at that point, but I in fact had 5). Turns out it was the Ice Shriekbat, which you can find in Phendrana Drifts - Ice Ruins East.
  • "Hyper Mode"? Silly, silly name.
  • Shoot Phazon to hurt a Phazon-dripping Phazon creature? Hmm.
  • The whole idea of shooting doors to unlock them, whilst primarily being traditional for Metroid games, is also a really great way to implement a game-world in which you can readily revisit all areas at any time. Shooting a door, and moving into its immediate vicinity, prompts the game to load the next area into memory. Far from making you feel boxed-in, it actually gives an impressive feeling of freedom.
  • The Wavebuster is a really great weapon. Shame it auto-locks-on to those poor, peaceful, defenseless Gliders!
  • Fungal Hall B, I hate you and your widely-spaced mushrooms.
  • Power Bomb = instant death to regular baddies, including all Pirates (other than Elite, Phazon Elite and Omega) and all Metroids (other than Prime, of course). Particularly useful when fighting the Omega Pirate.
  • I'd have to say that Metroid Prime is my favourite 'cube game so far - and that includes Mario Sunshine and the too-bloody-short Zelda.
  • Meta-Ridley was harder to kill than Metroid Prime. Which reminds me; the Plasma Beam is another great weapon.
  • A bit ironic that the Space Pirates, who have long bred and experimented on Metroids, were drawn to Tallon IV due to its mysterious radioactive emanations - which turned out to have come from a meteor containing Metroid Prime. They just can't seem to get away from Metroids.
  • If the source of all Phazon is Metroid Prime, how come most Metroids (as indicated by the Space Pirates' computers) found Phazon fatal? Perhaps it's because Metroid Prime, as your Log Book says, is an "abberation".
  • Can someone explain the whole "Worm" thing? I assume that the Worm is in fact Metroid Prime, but it looks a damn sight more like a big spider, at least in its first incarnation. I was expecting the last two creature-slots in my Log Book to be the Worm, and then Metroid Prime - rather than both to be Metroid Prime, in its outer and core forms.
  • Judging from the stuff at, the US version of Metroid Prime has some very different Chozo Lore entries than the European one. I'm sure there was no mention of Samus as "the Hatchling" in my game. Instead, she's the Entrusted One.
  • Oh, and why would the Chozo Ghosts suddenly start being helpful? They weren't very pleased to see me every other time we met. Ah well.
  • I liked Samus' narrow escape in the end sequence. Reminds me of the similar Argo scene in Star Trek: Nemesis.
Now all I have to do in convince Fiona to buy Metroid Fusion for her GBA, so I can link them up and get the Fusion suit 
in Prime...