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MGSplitViewController Updated

development, interface, source & user experience 1 min read

Just a brief note that I’ve updated MGSplitViewController (read more about it here or get the code on github here).

  • Added the ability to put the Master after the Detail instead of before it (based on an idea by Marco Pifferi). It works for both orientations (i.e. Master to the left or right of Detail in landscape, and Master above or below Detail in portrait), and includes an animated toggling action for your convenience.

    Great for “list-below” portrait UIs (like Osfoora HD), or for making your Master-Detail interfaces easier to use for left-handed people!

  • Fixed an exception raised when the delegate doesn’t add the popover’s associated UIBarButtonItem to a suitable bar, making the popover support now entirely optional (as it should be). Thanks to @pcwiz for reporting it.

There’s a new demo video embedded below, which you can also view on YouTube. It’s easier to see what’s going on if you watch it in HD.


If you make use of MGSplitViewController, a Paypal donation (or something from my Wishlist) would be very much appreciated. Appropriate links can be found here.