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MGTwitterEngine on GitHub

development & source 1 min read

Update: If you’re looking for information on getting MGTwitterEngine working with xAuth, please read this tutorial!

My workload has made it difficult to keep up to date with necessary changes for MGTwitterEngine, and I really want you all to have access to the latest and greatest code at all times without me being a bottleneck. Thus, I’ve finally added the code to GitHub - you can find the MGTwitterEngine git repository here.

If you’ve been using the subversion repository, please switch over to github as soon as you can. I believe this will be much better for everyone, and ensure MGTwitterEngine has a long useful life ahead of it.

If you’ve already made a fork of MGTwitterEngine, please contact me - I’d love to add you as a repository collaborator and get your changes into the main codebase! You can contact me via github, or find my contact details here.

I hope MGTwitterEngine continues to be useful to you. I plan to move some of my other projects over to github according to demand and as time allows.