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MGTwitterEngine works on iPhone

development & source 1 min read

Now that the iPhone SDK is to be lifted, this is just a brief official announcement that MGTwitterEngine works on both OS X and on iPhone - as has quietly been the case for quite some time.

Previously, in order to ensure that MGTwitterEngine did not violate the NDA, iPhone developers needed to change a few constants to valid iPhone SDK values in order to make the code compile for that platform, but this is now thankfully no longer necessary. The ReadMe file included with the source now makes explicit reference to the iPhone, and restores Craig Hockenberry’s original notes on linking to libxml on each platform.

I’m sure you’d all discovered all this for yourselves already, but it’s nice to no longer have to obfuscate the code or avoid mentioning a significant benefit - that of being dual-platform. I have some other iPhone code I plan to release soon too, once I get a chance to clean it up a bit, so stay tuned.