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Moderate coreness

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A continuation of my earlier quest for more versions of Sultans of Swing.

Here’s the log of a conversation I had on MSN earlier with Derek, whilst I was in the lab.

Matt:got some Live Aid DVD action here
Derek:ooft, all four discs?
Matt:got 70 quid of HMV vouchers at xmas, spent them yesterday
Matt:got Live Aid, Ghostbusters, Face/Off, and an Inside Thin Lizzy CD
Derek:trés spiff
Matt:got a kernel extension on the powerbook here to hijack all audio being played by the OS and write it out as cd-quality AIFF files. Playing the Live Aid dvd in DVD Player so I can record that version of Sultans.
Derek:a new one for the collection?
Matt:if this works I'll rip the AIFF at 192kbps then sync it to the iPod from iTunes right here in the lab.
Matt:would be rather core
Derek:about 7 on the core-o-meter
Matt:what's the top rating on that meter, again?
Derek:11, naturally
Matt:damn right

The banter is officially on for 2005. Here’s in anticipation of turning it right up to 11 before the year is out.

(Naturally, the process described above was purely an intellectual exercise, and the resulting copy of the audio was most definitely deleted straight away.)