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Month of Rock

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Here we are again in August, the month of rock genius. Has it really been 
another whole year?
The primary reason that August is the Month of Rock is because, of course, 
both Mark Knopfler (of Dire Straits) and Phil Lynott (of Thin Lizzy) were 
born in this hallowed month, in the year 1949; Mark on the 12th and Phil 
on the 20th.

Mark's latest solo album, Shangri-La 
(<a href="">pre-order at</a>) 
will be released on September 27th, with a limited edition (CD + DVD) set 
available simultaneously. He seems to have recovered well from his motorcycle 
accident earlier in the year, thank ye gods, so we can look forward to a new 
tour starting around March 2005.

Philo has obviously been up to a bit less, having tragically (though 
decidedly hardcore-ly) died in January '86, but the effects of his music 
live on. Just this month, Classic Rock magazine (#70/Sept 04) announced the results of 
its reader poll for the best live rock album of all time, and the Lizzy's 
<a href="">Live and Dangerous</a> 
came in at number 1. They also have a 6-page (cover) feature on the man, the 
band and the legend, distilled from <em>Thin Lizzy: Soldiers of Fortune</em> 
(May 04, ISBN 0 946719 57 8, hardback), a bio of the band.

When Friday the 20th arrives, just 2 and a half weeks from now, be sure to 
pause for a moment to remember the man (you can even 
<a href="">visit his grave site</a>). 
Put on some Lizzy, make use of alcohol and/or illicit substances, perhaps 
shed a quiet tear, and celebrate the life of one of the true rockers. Rest 
in peace, Philo. We love you, man.