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UI Nightmares: Moodstats

interface 1 min read

Today's <strong>UI Nightmare</strong> goes to <a href="">Moodstats</a>, which was created 
entirely with Macromedia Director. <a href="">See screenshots here</a>.
Cuban Council, we're delighted to present you with a much-coveted <strong>UI Nightmare</strong>:
UI Nightmare Award

Interestingly, amongst the idiot-reviews on versiontracker, the developer notes:
As for the non-standard mac interface, [...] we're quite proud of it. I wish more applications looked like this.
After reading which I cranked my "Stress" slider right up to 10.0.


UI Nightmares are not comments on functionality or usefulness; they solely reflect the user interface, displayed text and general visual design logic of the relevant piece of software.

Interested in awarding your own UI Nightmares to deserving software? Here's the layered Photoshop 7 PSD file for the award graphic. The Helvetica font is required, which is included with all Mac OS versions.