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More about Burnout 2 & memory-cards

gaming 1 min read

Seems that Burnout 2 (Gamecube) needs an official Nintendo memory-card in order to 
save properly. It repeatedly corrupted my Joytech card, but everything was fine with 
the new Nintendo one I bought today. I really wish someone had told me this beforehand.
NGC magazine, how about testing with some third-party cards, since a huge number of people 
buy them in preference to the literally-twice-as-expensive Nintendo ones? I recall someone 
else writing in to the mag within the last couple of months, complaining about the same thing. 
It's not NGC's fault in any way; it would just be good if they could try each reviewed game 
with a third-party card as well as official ones. It would take a max of a couple of minutes per 
game reviewed.

Anyone else playing Burnout 2 and encountering this problem, by the way? Anyone run into a similar 
problem with other games? Anyone happen to know what the difference is between third-party cards 
and Big N's ones? I'd love to know.

Anyway, be warned: both copies of Burnout 2 I've tried in the last 24 hours required official Nintendo 
memory-cards in the 'cube. Don't let that deter you, though; the game is brilliant. There's a great sense 
of speed, and the crashes are wonderful. That -KRUMPSH!- sound when you go straight into an oncoming taxi 
at about 140mph. Beautiful.

For what it's worth, I bought a 16Mb Nintendo card as my main day-to-day card, and two 4Mb Nintendo cards 
to use for important backups. Fiona also got her own 4Mb Nintendo card, to keep her StarFox and Luigi's Mansion 
saves. In addition to all that, I have my original 8Mb Joytech and a 16Mb (hideous, massive, transparent) Game 
one. Should do for a while!