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More about the hack

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I <a href="">previously</a> said:
The hack occurred at around 6pm GMT yesterday (Monday 9th June). As of 3pm today, we are still waiting for our hosting provider ( to sort out the mess and restore our site from backups.
I finally gave in and phoned Simply. As it turns out, there <em>are</em> no backups.

I first spent a few minutes making the 'support' chap understand that <em>all</em> 
index pages, in all directories and down to all levels, had been replaced. He was 
under the impression that only the root-level index page was affected. I then enquired 
if they kept backups; they do not.

I asked if there was any assurance that this same thing wouldn't happen again, and he 
said that no, there wasn't, since no system can ever be completely secured. I asked him 
how it had actually happened in the first place, and he first said that this was detailed 
on the <a href="">Network Status</a> 
page, and when I informed him that this wasn't the case, he said 
that he didn't actually know how the hack had occurred.


I finally resorted to asking him if I should expect Simply to do anything at all in relation 
to this incident, and he essentially said that no, I shouldn't. At this point, as you might 
imagine, I decided he couldn't help me in any way, and informed him of this. The call ended, 
without a word of regret on their part.

This whole experience has been entirely typical of my experience with Simply so far, sadly. 
The site goes down on a semi-regular basis, being either intermittently or sometimes wholely 
unreachable for several hours at a time. Mail-server access lags and sometimes becomes unavailable. 
Any requests for any kind of flexibility in the configuration of the hosting account are met with 
flat refusal in all cases. It rather makes you wonder why we're still hosting with them, doesn't it?

Accordingly, I'm soliciting suggestions for a new, more capable host. We currently use the 
<a href="">Simply Enterprise</a> hosting plan, 
and require a plan with similar capabilities. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.


Footnote: I’ve attempted to restore the site from my last backup, but it’s a little out of date - this is particularly noticeable on the Source Code page, the iCal Birthday Shifter page, and in the list of recent updates on the home page. The forums are also broken. I’ll be attempting to reconstruct these as best I can over the next day or two. All downloadable files were completely unaffected, so all direct download links remain valid and up-to-date.