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More "Comments" updates

general 1 min read

I've considerably improved the Comments implementation, as detailed below.

1. Email notification of new comments.

The blog owner now receives an email whenever a new comment is posted, 
using sendmail (by default) or whatever mail program your server uses. 
The email looks like this:
From: blog-comments-form@[admin domain] (Comments Form)
To: [admin email address] ([admin name])
Subject: New Comment: [identifier of relevant post]

New comment on your post: [identifier of relevant post]

View all comments here:
<[link to comments display for relevant post]>

Name: [name]
Email: [email address]
URL: [url]

[comment text]

2. Find number of comments for a post.

You can now easily retrieve the number of comments for a specified post, 
by calling the CGI with the new "count" value for the mode parameter, and 
the identifier of the relevant post. This is useful for displaying the number 
of comments beside the "Comments" link on your blog.

However, since this involves calling the CGI, it's a bit slow. I'll also provide a 
separate PHP script (which I use on this blog instead), which is much faster.


3. Comments window shows number of comments.

The heading of the Comments window now shows the number of comments, using 
sensible language (i.e. it won't say "There are 1 comments" or other such 


I still have a couple of little things in mind to tweak, but I'll probably 
just bundle it all up, write some documentation, and release it really soon. 
Stay tuned to the "meta" feed for more.