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More great icons released!

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Two more developers have kindly offered their icons for everyone to use. Buzz Andersen 
has <a href="">released the "refresh" icon from PodWorks</a>, 
which would be great for web browsers or any app which needs to reload data or redisplay views of any kind. 
Buzz includes the original Illustrator file as well as a PSD, so you can change the colour easily too. 
Got an iPod? Grab a demo of <a href="">PodWorks</a> whilst you're over there; it 
lets you copy songs from your iPod to your Mac, integrates with your iPod's internal database for super-fast 
searching, works with your iPod's playlists, and makes the tea on voice-command. Except the tea-making.

Gus Mueller has also <a href="">released four icons</a> from his software, 
including a magnifying glass (layered PSD) from <a href="">VoodooNetKey</a>, 
and a Home/house icon, link/chain icon and an info/inspector symbol (all 24-bit 
PNGs with transparency), all from <a href="">VoodooPad</a>. VoodooNetKey lets you 
search multiple (configurable) web sites from one interface, and includes a global hotkey and auto-searching from 
the clipboard, and VoodooPad is a <em>brilliant</em> app which brings Wikis to your desktop. Buzz 
<a href="">introduced me to it</a> 
a while back, and it's very slick indeed.
Thanks very much indeed for releasing those icons, gents. I'm currently working on an application icon template kit in 
Illustrator format, and I'm also putting together a preliminary list of possible toolbar functions/icons which would be 
most useful to developers in general. It seems that <a href="">Mike McCracken</a>'s earlier 
idea of pooling donations from developers 
into an account and using it to contract an icon designer to produce some royalty-free icons for everyone has really 
appealed to many of you, so I'm hoping to start moving forward with that soon. Stay tuned for more.