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92 shines now. 8)

I’ve only got Noki Bay 4-7 to do (4 shines) until Corona Mountain is accessible. I could have been there much sooner, of course (you only actually need 50 shines to get there: shines 1-7 of the 7 worlds, and the first shine from the airstrip), but I get distracted with side-quests. ;)

I found out that it’s actually Sirena Beach, not Serena Beach. I’ve finished that up now, all but the two secret shines (which aren’t necessary in order to reach Corona Mountain). Great stage, as expected. :)

Also got all 19 blue coins from Delfino Plaza, and all 30 from each of Bianco Hills, Gelato Beach, Pianta Village, Ricco Harbour, Sirena Beach and Pinna Park. I now only need to get 29 from Noki Bay, 1 from the airstrip (only accessible again after having entered Corona Mountain at least once), and 10 from Corona Mountain itself. Those 40 coins will give me 4 more shines, and coupled with the 4 from Noki Bay 4-7, I’ll have 100!

That just leaves 20 to get, including most secret shines from the 7 main worlds, a couple of secret shines from Delfino Plaza, one from Corona Mountain, two more from the airstrip, and the story 8 shines from a couple of the main worlds (Ricco Harbour, and obviously Noki Bay). After that, I can beat the final boss and see the proper ending. After that, I can relax and just muck around on Isle Delfino! ;)