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More RoundedBox updates

development & source 1 min read

This time… it’s editable.

Specifically, the title is editable; just click into it and type. I realise it’s slightly bizarre to have a box whose title is user-editable, but I’m going somewhere with this, so just relax, damn it.

There are still some weird issues with editing, such as when you click at the very end of the title text to edit it, then immediately press Return, the text vanishes from sight - though it’s still actually there. Anyone know why that happens? The view doesn’t get a -textDidChange: notification in these circumstances, if that helps (so it’s not like it’s inserting a superfluous newline).

Obviously, the view now also uses its titleCell to draw its title, rather than drawing text into its background. This is long overdue and much, much better, giving us stuff like automatically shunting the subviews down as the title font size increases, and presumably providing better accessibility features. Anyhow, get it from the Cocoa Source Code page as usual.

My closing remarks tonight will consist of just these two items:

  • Trac + Subversion = good^2
  • I am more like Superman than anyone else I know

I bid you a pleasant evening.