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More Screen Sharing

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Based on feedback, I've made some further improvements to my Rendezvous Screen Sharing system.
Most of the changes concern the browser application 
(<a href="">new screenshot here</a>). 
I'll be turning my attention to the server soon. In any case, the full list of changes is below.

  • Server now defaults to being on when launched.
  • Service name is now "<Full name of logged-in user> @ <Computer name>".
  • Server window now remembers position/size between launches.
  • Server now defaults to full-size (100%) screenshots.
  • Significantly increased quality of scaled-down screenshots.
  • Fixed some memory leaks.

  • Screenshots are now saved via a button, which shows a standard save-sheet. The sheet remembers the last place you saved a screenshot, and takes you there by default.
  • Saved screenshots are named by default as "YYYY-MM-DD HH-MM-SS <Full name of logged-in user> @ <Computer name> Screen.tiff".
  • All forward-slashes or colons in proposed filenames are converted to dashes, to prevent errors when saving.
  • Screenshots are now retrieved via a button, or by pressing return when a computer is selected in the list.
  • We now show little iMac icons in the list beside each computer.
  • There's now a SplitView to separate the service list from the screenshot view. The splitter remembers its position between launches.
  • The browser window remembers its dimensions and position between launches.
  • You can now zoom the browser window via the keyboard (cmd-shift-M). This is the same as clicking the zoom (+) widget in the titlebar.
  • The screenshot preview area now supports grab-scrolling.

<a href="">Download the new apps here</a>. 
No new source available right now; I have plenty of feature-requests to work through!