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Name for a diary app?

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I'm soliciting suggestions for the name of a new iCal-style diary/journal application, currently in development. 
The rules are simple:
  1. The name can't already be used by any Mac OS X application (search here to check).
  2. Ideally, the name can't already be used for a similar app on Windows either.
  3. If I choose the name you suggest, you'll be credited in the app.
  4. And I'll probably send you something cool too.
I notice that the obvious suggestion, <em>iDiary</em>, doesn't seem to already exist on OS X, but a quick <a href="">Google search</a> turned up 
many occurrences. <em>iJournal</em> <a href="">already exists</a> on OS X.

Any suggestions? Everything will be considered, no matter how wacky. And yes, this is why I wrote the <a href="">iTableView code</a> earlier today.