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Naming competition!

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As I've mentioned many times <a href="">previously</a>, 
this blog is powered by <a href="">PHPosxom</a>; actually, by an extremely souped-up, 
hacked-to-hell <em>version</em> of PHPosxom.

Since the <a href="">license for PHPosxom</a> permits it, I'm planning to 
package up and release my own version. Thus, we come to the question of a <strong>name</strong>.
There's a bit of a precedent to deal with here. First off, there was <a href="">Blosxom</a>, 
the CGI which started it all. I think it got its name just from being BLog software for OSX, and the "om" made it into something 
which could reasonably be pronounced "blossom". Or maybe Rael just likes his mantras. Anyway, that was just the start. Then we had:
Now I'm leaping into the fray, and I need a great name. I'm soliciting suggestions via the comments on this post. 
Please <strong>remember to leave an email address or URL</strong>, if you're actually interested in winning something. 
Whomever comes up with the winning name will get:
  1. A credit and link in the documentation.
  2. An extremely small but nevertheless non-zero chance of worldwide fame.
  3. Some daft little prize sent from Scotland, which I've yet to think of.
So there's lots to play for. Ideally the name would be in some way related to the whole "Blosxom-PHPosxom" theme, but 
be personalised to me, this blog, or Scotland Software in some way. In other words, something that incorporates some 
aspect of my name, the blog's name, or my company name would be good.

Note that I will <strong>not</strong> accept:
  • "Scotsxom" (too obvious)
  • "Mattsxom" (yuck)
  • Anything related to haggis (well, would you download it?)
  • "Scrotum" (however tempting it may be)
Let the competition commence!

Update: the naming competition is now closed - thanks to everyone who made a suggestion! Take a look at the outcome here.