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Need a new icon for BloggerOff

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BloggerOffYou can see the current icon for BloggerOff on the right. I like the speech-balloon concept - I think it fits well with the idea of a blog being a personal soapbox - but I don’t like the curse-string. I made it that way because, at that time, I had changed the name from BlogThing as a gesture of disgust at’s buggy XML-RPC API implementation, so I basically wanted to tell Blogger to bugger off.I don’t think I ever intended the name to stick, and the icon was definitely temporary, but I’ve decided to keep the name since several people have emailed to say how much they like it. The icon, however, needs changed. I’m thinking of some kind of internet-related symbol or image in the middle of the speech balloon. I’m reluctant to go for the exceedingly overused globe symbol, but I may yet have to. Any suggestions, or even submissions (as PSDs with transparency ;))?