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At last an explanation for how Neil can seem like such a nice lad in person, yet have such a formidable reputation.

We were talking on MSN when the truth came out.

Neil:hey did you watch extras last week? With Patrick Stewart?
Neil:"but not before I saw her naked! I see everything!"
Neil:What a guy.
Neil:He doesn't need superpowers.. he just speaks at women and gets them naked.
Neil:I need my own goddamn starship
Matt:that's the dream
Matt:or even just the captain's sexy voice
Neil:or Riker's beard.
Matt:who do you identify with more?
Neil:tricky one
Neil:Riker probably... due to the beard and the tubbiness
Neil:and the having an evil twin from a transporter accident

This explains a lot. But wait… the evil version was always the one with the beard! God help us all.