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Nemeses Required; Apply Within

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Neil and I were talking online (because, you know, we never do that), and we got to discussing how cool it would be to have a nemesis.

Here’s the inevitable chatlog:

Matt:thank god I never use phones
Neil:yeah, you never know where your (fuck what's the plural of nemesis?) enemies will be.
Matt:definition of it in OS X dictionary is utterly ace
Matt:"the inescapable or implacable agent of someone's or something's downfall"
Neil:haha ace
Matt:I want to be the nemesis of more people I think
Neil:Start a "" website and ask people to apply

Accordingly, I’m accepting applications (via the comments here) from those who’d like to be one of my nemeses. I shall be your nemesis in return, of course. It’s a win-win situation, since we both get to refer to each other as “my nemesis” in blog links and stuff, which is cool, but also there’s only the smallest chance that I’ll ever get around to plotting your downfall (small but non-zero, I hasten to add).

I’ll also require one arch-nemesis. Feel free to apply for that too, justifying why you should be given this exalted position. I shall look forward to cursing your name, laughing evilly, and blaming every misfortune in my entire life on your secret meddlings.