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New books!

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I love shopping for books. The branch of Waterstones up on Sauchiehall St is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon. Five floors, coffee, net access, lots and lots of comfy chairs - brilliant. Today, we both bought some new books. Fiona got a recommended textbook on databases (scheme, ER diagrams, SQL; that sort of thing), for our Information Management module (which we began today). It’ll also be particularly useful in the Honours years of our degrees.

I bought O’Reilly’s C Pocket Ref and Objective-C Pocket Ref (both of which were released only recently), and also the classic GOF book (that’s an Amazon UK link, by the way).

I’ve made more progress with Dreamcatcher; about 75% through it now. Mr. Gray has just recently discovered that the standpipe is no longer, er, standing, and the inmates have broken out of the corral at Blue Base. Oh, and Duddits is expecting a visitor. Looking forward to see how the story continues; should have time for more reading tonight.

Oh, and lest I forget, there wasn’t any more snow today - thank god. It snowed a lot more during the night, and the car was utterly covered. Fiona and I took the train into university today. I arrived back here about an hour and a half ago (Fiona is working until 8pm), and I spent about 40 minutes cleaning snow and ice off the car, so I can pick Fiona up later. Used about two-thirds of a can of de-icer. Need to get fuel some time today too. Snow is great fun… until it’s covering your car.