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New comments system

general 1 min read

I'm currently testing out a new comments system I wrote over the weekend. 
It's pure PHP; no nasty CGI stuff anymore; and it hasn't had much testing 
yet, so be gentle.
Any problems can be reported to me via the 
<a href="">contact form</a>, 
or indeed via the comments on this post (assuming the problem in question 
doesn't prevent you from posting a comment in the first place!)

Plenty of improvements yet to come, but it at least exceeds the features of 
my previous system by including the ability for me to lock comments on 
a per-post basis, auto-linking URLs, and a few other things. Anyway, here's 
hoping it doesn't fail too spectacularly.

A couple of notes, before anyone asks:
  • I'm not releasing the code yet. It's dependent on an as-yet-unreleased version of Thistle, and isn't finished anyway.
  • Until I get around to converting my old comments (which may be never), the new comments system will only be active on this post and all future ones; past posts will retain the previous comments system, so you can still read the comments on old posts (and indeed still add comments to those posts).
Next up, a new trackbacks implementation, to replace the MovableType CGI one.