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New incoming email policy

general 1 min read

Effective immediately, all incoming email from a or email address goes straight 
to digital oblivion. I'm fed up of getting nothing but junk or spectacular stupidity from users in those domains. 
This won't affect email arriving via a mailing-list, but will affect mail from our web form. 
Needless to say, AOL has long since had it's own subfolder within the "possibly junk" folder.

Oh, and 
I'm also tired of bloody "send a greetings card online" sites pestering me to link to them. They do a 
Google search for pages which mention "birthdays", and they find 
<a href="">iCal Birthday Shifter</a>. Without reading 
the content to find out what Shifter actually is, they send daft emails (or even actually use the web form), 
requesting that we "exchange links for our mutual benefit".

Potential link-exchange spammers, learn the lesson once and for all: I will <strong>never</strong> exchange links, I will <strong>always</strong> 
report you to spamcop and your hosting provider, and I will most <strong>certainly</strong> 
<a href="">kick the christ out of you</a> should our 
paths ever cross offline. Now bugger off sharpish.