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Ninja Monkeys

university 1 min read

It has always been said that <a href="" target="_blank">Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys</a> do exist, 
but frankly very few believe the old stories. Most people scoff at the very notion. Fools!

Now, however, we have proof that Killer Coding Ninja Monkeys are a reality; more specifically, Killer Coding Ninja <em>Bearded</em> 
Ninja Matt
Ninja Captain
Ninja Neil
Ninja Eltrain
Ninja Derek
Ninja Mary
Ninja Gary
Ninja Chad
Ninja Mark
Ninja Boy

Thanks to <a href=";key=QGA">Sensei Danger</a>'s camera-phone for these rare pics. Be aware 
that, even though Ninja Boy looks like he's sleeping, he's prepared to strike at a moment's notice. Deadly.