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Nintendo Wii has arrived

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We got one. Note how I said “we” and not “wii”. Just cut that shit out.

First up, my Wii Number: 3641 4936 7268 5117. My Mii is set to mingle, so knock yourself out.

Second, a big thank-you to Amazon for dispatching my pre-order yesterday; much appreciated. A big no-thank-you to the courier company (City Link) who managed to send it to Glasgow instead of Edinburgh, thus greatly inconveniencing me as I had to collect it before 3pm or else it would be delivered on Monday. City Link, nice going. I hear far too many stories about such incompetence on your part (my significant other working for one of your major customers and all).

Third, well, the Wii. Amazing. Just amazing. Zelda is the game I’ve been waiting for since Ocarina, without a doubt. Though slower to start, it’s even better designed and is nothing short of a love letter its N64 predecessor. I haven’t even put my Wii Sports disc into the console yet. That’s no lie.

Stuff I didn’t know about the machine:

  • You get an email address with your machine (albeit a hideous numerical one, so you can communicate with people who don't have a Wii yet)
  • You can back up your saves etc to SD cards
  • You can buy stuff on the Wii Shop Channel using a credit card; you don't need those silly Points cards at all
  • The Wii Shop Channel has perhaps the most brain-infecting music ever written
  • For reference, the original Legend of Zelda on the NES is 500 Wii points, and Mario 64 is 1000 (1000 points is £7)

And… actually, the hell with writing the rest of this. I’m going back to the Wii.

Update: I managed to pick up a copy of Wii Play (in the Princes St GameStation) and an extra nunchuk (in the Leith Walk Woolworths), so we now have a Wii, 2 remotes, 2 nunchucks, Wii Sports, Wii Play and Zelda. We also have a pink cover (for Lauren’s remote; best place to get it is Game, where it’s a fiver cheaper than in Virgin), and an extra copy of Zelda which arrived today (I actually had a third copy for a brief time before I cancelled it).

Wii Play is excellent; Lauren and I have been having a great time playing against each other. My favourite minigame is probably billiards at the moment. But soon, back to Zelda! Still not played Wii Sports. I’ve registered Lauren on the machine and she has a Mii too. I love the blue glow when you’ve got a new email or whatever; sweet. We also played with the Photo Channel briefly; the sound-effects when you apply the “moods” (i.e. filters) are rather amusing. I also think that Photoshop’s Revert command should follow the Wii’s example and have a rocketship erasing all your edits.

Now I just need to find out when my second Wii is arriving…