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Nintendo Wii

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To say I’m excited would be an understatement.

We poor UK folks don’t get the Wii (and Twilight Princess) until 8th December, but I had the chance to see one on Saturday in the Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow (and bumped into Eve whilst I was there, funnily enough - shame on you for not knowing what Zelda is about), and suffice to say: I must have it.

Lauren’s employer opened their guaranteed pre-orders for the Wii this morning at 9 am GMT (or so they said; to me it seemed that it didn’t actually become available until about 9:30 am), and they had sold out before 9:40. Congratulations to the lucky few F5-bashers who managed to sneak in there and get a pre-order placed.

Including me, of course. I’ve also ordered a copy of the aforementioned game and also Wii Play, mostly for the semi-free Wiimote (ugh) in the pack. I’ll have to pick up a second nunchuk somewhere after the launch date. One slight oddity is that my estimated delivery date is showing as 14th December, but the support folks assure me that’s an error. Anyone else manage to get a pre-order in and having the same issue?

In any case, here we go again; it’s N64 Sunday all over again (when I finally, months after launch, picked up an N64 with Mario 64 and Ocarina of Time, and wasn’t heard from for several days). Look for me to surface sometime around the 15th, with a splitting headache and a noticeably overdeveloped right tricep.