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No Sex Before Marriage

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I give you: <a href=""></a>. 
That's as in, like, virginity totally <em>rules</em>, rather than a list of 
the rules of virginity, of which there's presumably only one.
Now I'm all for preventing teenage pregnancies, and educating kids about 
safe and responsible sex, but the message of that site is actually the 
old chestnut of no sex before marriage. I know that Fiona and I just 
recently broke up and everything, but come on now.

The thing I find particularly creepy is the Key Players section (within 
the About section), where the two men and assorted women behind the 
enterprise give us a little bit of background about themselves. One guy 
Abstaining until marriage is so fulfilling, and it can be done.
Fulfilling? Not convinced I'd want to make a lifetime commitment to 
someone when not only did I not have any idea if we were sexually 
compatible or not, but also when I knew for a fact that the other 
person had never had sex at all.

Surely the message has to be to have sex when you feel you're ready, 
and when your partner is likewise ready, and to take appropriate 
precautions against infection and pregnancy? It's great if it's also 
going to be within the context of a loving and mature relationship, 
but so what if it's instead in your parents' bed whilst they're out 
at the company's Christmas party?

The principle of no sex before marriage is arbitrary, bizarre and (in 
my opinion) inadvisable. You're making a nominally life-long commitment 
when you get married, including entering into a legally binding contract 
over your accumulated wealth and possessions, and sex is a significant 
part of life. Surely you want to be certain that the two of you are 
suited to each other in every way before letting things get as far down 
the road as saying "I do"?

Perhaps someone should set up a vaguely similar site, with the same goal 
of preventing underage pregnancy and the spread of STDs, but with slightly 
more pragmatic advice. Like say, to go and masturbate like a filthy monkey. 
Masturbate until you need a goddamn <em>splint</em>.
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