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So I’ve been working a bit on NeXT Dock, and as I should have foreseen, the old obsessions have returned.

Is it just me (and Robert, of course), or does every ex-NEXTSTEP user periodically get the overpowering desire to recreate that sublime GUI on their current machine? Robert put it better than I can, when I mentioned that I’d been browsing the NS screenshots at Éric’s site:

I have a directory of old NeXTstep screenshots somewhere. I get obsessed on re-creating the experience every so often.

Install Windowmaker. And then I realize what I'm doing, rather like someone coming to their senses standing at the fridge with a gallon of ice cream in their hand and chocolate smeared all over their body.

On a slightly different note, it’s amazing how much more useful NSWorkspace is these days than it was way back in 2002 when I first created the NeXT Dock project. Be sure to raise a glass for NSWorkspace tonight; I know I will.