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Old posts posted

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Just a note that I've finally got around to converting all my old b2 and Blogger posts 
to Thistle format, so this site now contains every post ever made on Irate Scotsman, since 
the inaugural post back on September 27th 2002. Some of the formatting is a little screwy, 
but it's all readable, and I'll get to fixing that in due course. I also still need to import 
old comments.

Thanks to <a href="">Derek</a> for finally getting me to 
consolidate all the posts here, and indeed <a href="">Happy Birthday to his blog</a>. 
You can take a look at <a href="">some of his oldest posts</a> too.

You can explore my old posts by going into 
the category you're interested in, and clicking the "View all posts..." link at the top. 
Including this one, there are now 417 posts available to date. Enjoy!