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Open Day

university 1 min read

The department (of Computing Science, at the University of Glasgow, where I work and will soon once again be a student) had its Open Day today, and I helped out for a few hours. Tiring stuff, but kind of enjoyable. Like so much in my life lately, though, it all ended in tears. The best part of the day was probably getting my department tshirt, the uniform for the student helpers. I also may have picked up an additional tshirt or two at some stage. So now I don’t need to buy any new tshirts for quite some time, and black never goes out of fashion - especially in a CS lab.

After the Open Day had finished and we’d returned from lunch, we went back to the lab and pretty much just wasted away the afternoon with music, banter, and in my case the repeated throwing of a rubber ball against the wall, catching it utterly masterfully almost every damn time. It was poetry in motion, a graceful ballet of skill and reflexes, with seemingly no challenge of acrobatics or precision outwith my reach. No challenge, that is, until Chris said I should throw the ball and then throw a plastic bucket downwards onto the returning ball to trap it. I proceeded to do so, but of course the ball bounced against the inside base of the bucket and back out, ricocheting off the floor and striking me squarely in the right eye. There was indeed pain, as Chris has already pointed out. Ouch.

I still rule though. Every time Chris or Iain threw the thing, there was much fumbling and outright clumsiness. I, on the other hand, am like the jungle cat: deadly, graceful, balanced. And with a slightly sore eye.