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OS X app ideas?

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Is there a repository somewhere of <em>ideas</em> for new applications, 
to help indie developers find valuable projects to work on? I'd like to 
find and contribute to such a thing, or perhaps even create one.
One of the hurdles when striking out on your own in 
the software business is finding a concept for an application which people 
would really find useful and valuable. I also know that I have ideas for 
apps on a reasonably frequent basis, and squirrel them away in a folder 
for possible later exploitation. A lot of those ideas are never implemented, 
and it seems a shame to let them go to waste.

I also sometimes have sample code, UI designs, implementation notes or other 
fragments to go with the ideas, which would potentially be very useful if 
you're looking for a project. Does anyone know if there's a repository of 
such ideas? I don't mean open projects like those on sourceforge or such; 
I'm talking about a collection of project <em>concepts</em>. I was talking 
about this with <a href="">Rainer</a> on iChat 
earlier today.

I guess I'd be willing to host such a thing on this site somewhere. Maybe a 
phpBB bulletin board would do to start with. Any thoughts?

Finally, on a mostly-unrelated note, Fiona cross-stitched me a 
<a href="">drinks coaster</a> with 
the original 
<a href="">Apple Menu icon</a> from 
System 7. Damn cool stuff.